RIHS 2014- Ponies qualified Eyarth Osprey, Chiddock Scooner Bay, Bedazzled II, Newoak Designer Edition, Newoak Furious and
Andbec Little Big Horn (owned by Jenni Birt)


Ponies Previously of Newoak qualified Hisley Carnival. Abbas Blue Rainbow. Newoak Hazel. Newoak Balladier. Newoak Star Edition.
Menedh Babycham. Hisley Calypso, Newoak Falling Free.


HOYS 2014 Ponies already qualified Newoak Designer Edition, Newoak Dream Maker, Hisley Silversmith, Chiddock Scooner Bay,
Eyarth Osprey.

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Owned by Mr P Davies and ridden by Imogen Davies
Newoak Hazel winning the fancy dress at the NPS Summer Champs

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Full brother and sister Newoak Royal Edition (left) ridden by Elsie May Jefferies and Newoak Gold Edition (right) owned by Mrs D Hannam and ridden by William Perkin
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Newoak Confetti now owned by Vicki Smith
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from left to right Newoak Dusk,Juniper,Hazel and Royal Edition


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Sold from Newoak to Mr D Hodge
and Mr J Walters

Lickfolds Oriana winner of the novice brood mare and Supreme Inhand at the 75th Dartmoor Breed Show

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Shilstone Rocks Navara winner of the novice stallion at the 75th Dartmoor Breed Show
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Champion and Res Newoak Royal Edition and N Juniper in the novice LR/FR at NPS area 10
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from left to right Newoak Royal Edition,Nightingale,Juniper and Furious

Royal International Horse Show 2014

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Eyarth Osprey 2nd Sec B Ridden
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Newoak Furious 2nd Dart/Exm/Shet Ridden
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Newoak Designer Edition 8th M&M LR
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Osprey and Furious
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LRs from L-R, N Designer Edition 8th, Hisley Carnival 3rd, N Falling Free and N Balladier 4th
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Chiddock Scooner Bay 4th NNP BSPA
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Newoak Whats Up 2yrs old S-Ardenhall Missoni D-What a Splash
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Newoak Tabago Bay 3yrs old S-Chiddock Scooner Bay D-What a Splash

Newoak Whats Up 2yrs old S-Ardenhall Missoni D-What a Splash
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Newoak Tabago Bay 3yrs old S-Chiddock Scooner Bay D-What a Splash
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Thought I would share this lovely email I received, always pleased to hear how our ponies are going on.
Hi Jacky I just wanted to let you know how Pluto is getting on. He’s been absolutely lovely from day 1, and looks after my son Oliver really well. He’s recently been to his first two shows and has taken it all in his stride. He won both lead rein classes - one was a mixed class (plaited & unplaited) at a pony club show and last week he won a reg M&M leading rein class in the pouring rein - there were 13 in the class so we were really pleased. Here’s a photo of them in the rain Thanks Sally & Oliver

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Lickfolds Snowstorn just before he joined Wendy Whatsons New Take at Postbridge.
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Newoak Balladier 1st and Mini Champion Windsor 2014
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Newoak Honeymoon now owned by the Jones family,
already archiving success in his first season under saddle.
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Andbec Little Bighorn owned and bred by Jenni Birt
He has had a super start to the season qualifing for the RIHS.
1st and Res Champion Inhand Royal Cornwall.

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Newoak Rambler

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Newoak Gold Edition now owned by the Hannam family,
Enjoying her first season in the show ring with her young jockey William.
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Newoak Midnight Fury on loan to the Hyland family
he is enjoying himself doing all aspects of family life and will be out and about at shows this summer.
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Newoak Starburst


Enjoying a break from showing to look after his small jockey out hunting with the Eggersford Hunt.

Newoak Twighlight enjoying herself and proving what versatile ponies Newoak Dartmoors are with the Cheshire Bloodhounds. Thank you to Louise Caulfield for these lovely photos.

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