newoak mares and foals in a feild
a darmoor called white willows bewitching
White Willows Bewitching
S:White Willows Darwin
D:White Willows Sorceress
Whitchy was sent to us to sell by the late great Mrs Montgomery, we decided to take her to a NPS show to help aid a sale. After a fantastic day with her amazing Dartmoor character we were hooked and have never looked back since, she was the start of a love affair with the Dartmoor pony that has taken over our lives. We thank Mrs M for sending her to us all the way back in 1990. Whitchy was a prolific winner inhand and under saddle and is a Star show winner,some of her offspring include Newoak First Edition/Celabration(PBD)/Nightingale/Spellbound & Havanna(PBD).
a dartmoor mare called jurstone parke eliza
Jurstone Parke Eliza
S:Shilstone Rocks Fury
D;Deanlands Eclipes
1991 found us Lizzy, a big winner in both inhand and under saddle, she is also a Star show winner and is now breeding the most stunning offspring including Newoak Fairytail/Storey Teller/Fable & Balladier. It is with regret that i write Lizzy passed away suddenly and peacefully on the 29th April '08 she was not in foal thankfully and after 15 wonderful years with us will be much missed.
a dartmoor mare called teighead dawn with a foal
Teignhead Dawn
S:Hisley Salvo
D:Peggie 38th
Dawn was our 3rd foundation mare, although never shown herself she has bred us some truly lovely ponies including Newoak Smuggler/Willow/Jester/Stars Struck and many more.
Dawn was one of our original foundation mares who sadly passed in the spring of 2014.
dartmoor mare called newoak first edition
Newoak First Edition
S:Shilstone Rocks Easter Day
D:White Willows Bewhitching
Blossom was our first born Dartmoor foal and has been a big winner for us inhand and under saddle, including winning the 2yrs old filly class, LR & FR classes & reserve supreme ridden at the Dartmoor Breed Championship show. She has also bred for us Newoak Special Edition/Classic Edition & Musical Edition, Star Edition and Designer Edition.
One of our favourite ponies of all times, and will always be missed. She passed in the autum of 2013, Blossom has provided us with some super young mares to carry on her beautiful blood line.
dartmoor mare called newoak willow with a foal
Newoak Willow
S:Shilstone Rocks D Day
D:Teignhead Dawn
Another homebred mare, Willow has not been shown to date. However, she is a quality young mare who is already producing some lovely offspring including Newoak Asha.
Sadly Willow is no longer with us, she bred us some lovely stock who continue to fly the Newoak flag.
dartmoor mare called treworgan sarabell
Treworgan Sarabell
S:Solera Stormcloud
D:Brandsby Saraband
We are delighted with her foals and the new blood lines she brings with her.

newoak limited edition with foal at foot
Newoak Limited Edition
S-Peps Eboniza
D-Newoak First Edition
Beautiful homebred mare who is breeding some exceptional ridden ponies inc Newoak Midnight Fury and Dark Knight.
dartmmor mare called newoak fable
Newoak Fable
S-Hisley Cravat
D-Jurstone Park Eliza
Another young mare with a bright future ahead of her as a brood mare.
newoak speciall  edition with a foal
Newoak Special Edition
S-Shilstone Rocks Day of Fury
D-Newoak First Edition
After a successful ridden career under saddle this stunning young mare is settling in to being a mother like an old pro.
gabriels sleeping beauty
Gabriels Sleeping Beauty
S-Senruf Graduate
D-Langfield Midori
lways breeds us big strong foals.
mares Milling around waiting to foal
Milling around waiting to foal
mares Milling around waiting to foal
Newoak Love Song (on the left)
S-Hisley Cravat
D-Newoak Musical Edition
4yr old mare we have just introduced into our breeding herd, she is running with Newoak Prosper this season.
mares Milling around waiting to foal
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